Ontario Minor Hockey Association and TeamGenius Announce Innovative Player Evaluation Technology Partnership

Ontario Minor Hockey Association

Providing associations across Ontario an easy way to manage evaluations, tiering, and player development.

Richmond Hill, ON (September 14th, 2020) – The Ontario Minor Hockey Association and TeamGenius, the leading hockey player evaluation platform based out of Minneapolis, MN, have entered into a partnership to improve player evaluations at minor hockey associations across Ontario.

“TeamGenius is a valuable tool for coaches throughout the season and during the player evaluation and tiering process.” said OMHA Executive Director Ian Taylor. “Coaches can track a player’s skill development and know what areas to focus on for further improvement and growth. This partnership provides another resource for coaches to use whose dedication is essential to the minor hockey community.”

TeamGenius solves a unique problem with its customizable hockey player evaluation platform. They provide an administrative web backend for staff to prepare for evaluations by setting up criteria, uploading players, scheduling sessions, and more. Coaches then utilize a user-friendly mobile app to evaluate players. Scores and notes are submitted in real-time to avoid the time-consuming paper & spreadsheet transfer, and the TeamGenius analytics back-end will give coaches a deeper view into the data they need to make and justify important roster decisions.

“Player evaluations are critical to the success of every minor hockey season, and it is our continued mission to improve the lives of the volunteer staff that put on this event,” said Chris Knutson, CEO of TeamGenius. “This joint partnership is a testament to our shared commitment in providing innovative solutions for the staff that works tirelessly to make the minor hockey experience life-changing for kids.”

Board members and staff are invited to get started by going to TeamGenius.com where you can explore the benefits other associations have experienced by making the switch to digital evaluations.

About the OMHA:

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association, founded in 1935, is a leader in community sport and oversees a participant base of 300,000 consisting of players, coaches, trainers, officials, hockey volunteers and parents across the province. The OMHA works with its 225 local minor hockey associations and annually coordinates 28 leagues to create the best minor hockey experience in Canada. For more information, visit https://www.omha.net/

About TeamGenius:

TeamGenius is the leading hockey evaluation software provider for minor hockey associations. Founded in 2015, TeamGenius serves thousands of youth athletes, coaches, staff and volunteers with an easy-to-use platform for managing tryouts, clinics, coach & player development programs. TeamGenius is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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