Free Sports Club Management Resources

Free Club Management Resources

We’ve curated a list of free downloadable resources to make your hectic life easier when it comes to running a successful youth sports program.


Soccer Tryout Evaluation Form >

Gear up for soccer tryouts with this fully customizable evaluation form.

Soccer Player Report Card > Download this sample report card to see what the top clubs share with players throughout the season to foster player development.
Soccer Tryout Prep Packet > Prepare your staff for soccer tryouts with this prep packet. You’ll get a free checklist of “to-do’s” leading up to tryouts and a few drills to run your athletes through.


Volleyball Tryout Evaluation Form > Are you gearing up for club or high school volleyball tryouts? Download this customizable form to make sure your coaches know what to look for this season.
Volleyball Player Report Card > Volleyball clubs committed to player development share report cards with players after a camp, clinic of during the season. Download a free volleyball report card to see what the elite clubs are doing.


Hockey Tryout Evaluation Form > Are you ready to hit the ice for hockey tryouts? Start with this free hockey evaluation form with criteria chosen used by hockey coaches across North America.
Hockey Player Report Card > Hockey coaches who share report cards with their team during the season gain the parents’ trust and are on the same page with players for skill development. Download a free sample hockey report card.


Lacrosse Tryout Evaluation Form > Make sure coaches are all on the same page at lacrosse tryouts this year with our free evaluation form filled with criteria and scoring ranges.
Lacrosse Player Report Card > Top lacrosse clubs share evaluation report cards with players after tournament and camps. See what they are sharing and learn how you can do the same by downloading this free sample.


Baseball Tryout Evaluation Form > Make sure coaches are on the same page at tryouts this year by downloading this printable player evaluation form.

Club Management

Sports Sponsorship Packet > This loaded sponsorship packet includes a templated sponsor offer letter, team information sheet, checklist for securing a sponsor, and more.
The Ultimate Guide to Player Evaluation Software > Boom. Everything you’ll ever need to know about how player evaluation software works, why organizations use it, and how to get your staff on board with new technology.
Club Budget Spreadsheet > Easily track income, expenses, and create a budget for your organization with this pre-loaded spreadsheet made specifically for youth sports programs!
Club Marketing Guide > This free marketing guide will teach you how to build a beautiful website, engage with members on social media, and help grow your club.
Tryout Prep Checklist > Are you new to running a youth sports tryout? Here is a free checklist of tasks to complete in preparation for the big event.
Tryout Evaluation Form > This printable and customizable form is a great place to start as you prepare coaches for evaluations.
Coach Evaluation Form > Do you plan on evaluating coaches this year? Here is a template form with criteria and scoring ranges to get started.
Club Management Packet > This is a free packet that is perfect for any sports club leader that wants to get a head start on planning for the season.
Player Evaluation Report Card > Like the report card that kids get every year at school, TeamGenius makes it easy for youth sports programs to send out player report cards. Check out this free example.
Coaching Director Hiring Guide > Are you hiring new coaches for this season? Here is a free packet with what to look for, free recruiting materials, how to find the right coaching candidates, and more.
Technology Solutions > What is keeping you up at night working for or running a youth sports organization? Browse this checklist to find a solution to almost any headache you are experiencing.

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