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A powerful platform for efficient referee mentorship, evaluations, feedback and development.

Supporting Referees at Hundreds of Youth Sports Organizations

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Flexible for Any Ref Evaluation

Easily customize your referee evaluation criteria such as Personal Qualities, Pre-Game Responsibilities, Communication, and Positioning.


Data-backed Referee Development

Get detailed reports and data so you can efficiently share feedback and track referee development over time. You can also form groups and communicate results immediately after each evaluation.

Player Development App

Evaluate Refs on Your Mobile Device

Eliminate double data entry by evaluating referees with our intuitive mobile app or through your favorite web browser.

Try it out by downloading our mobile app or launching browser scoring. Use access key HOOTS to get started.

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Player Evaluation Template - Youth Sports

Start With Our Baseball Evaluation Template or Create Your Own

Use a pre-built evaluation template from one of our partner organizations or create your own criteria, scoring ranges, weighting, and more.

Easily Move Your Data Between Systems

Our Integrations allow you to easily sync registered players into TeamGenius for any kind of evaluation. Then send your newly created rosters back to your favorite team management platform.

Referee Evaluation FAQ's

Does the mobile app require WiFi?

Nope. The mobile app is fully functional in offline mode if evaluators have a poor connection.

How does TeamGenius help with on-going referee development?

Referees can be evaluated multiple times with TeamGenius. Your evaluation data is saved and becomes more valuable as you build a history for each referee!

What if a few mentors don’t want to use a mobile device?

TeamGenius has multiple evaluating options. Evaluate on our iOS or Android mobile app, personal computer or print out paper scoring forms and enter in data after each evaluation.

Can I try TeamGenius for free?

Sure thing. Sign up for a 30-day free trial.

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