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Eliminate data entry and errors during baseball tryouts and evaluations. TeamGenius helps you make fast, accurate team placement decisions without the hassle of paper & spreadsheets.

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See how your players are improving throughout the season and from year to year. Track baseball player development to get an edge over your competition and keep players coming back.

Baseball Evaluation & Tryouts App

Capture metrics and skills ratings during baseball tryouts, camps, skills clinics or team evaluations.

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Player Evaluation Template - Youth Sports

Start With Our Baseball Evaluation Template or Create Your Own

Use a pre-built evaluation template from one of our partner organizations or create your own criteria, scoring ranges, weighting, and more.

Easily Move Your Data Between Systems

Our Integrations allow you to easily sync registered players into TeamGenius for any kind of evaluation. Then send your newly created rosters back to your favorite team management platform.

Success stories that will make you smile

How the Edmonton Padres Build Trust Through Transparency

Skyland Kings Staff Cut Administrative Effort by 50% During Tryouts

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"They will work with you until you feel comfortable setting up and adjusting assessments on your own. It really helped us to assess the players at try-outs in a systematic, and largely unbiased way. This also facilitated easy conversations with parents. I also really like the in-season development reports, showing charts with player progress through time."
Tim O'Brien
North Toronto Baseball
"This was easily our most successful, transparent and fair tryouts experience. There are always a handful of players/parents upset with the outcomes but these were fewer than normal and easier to respond to with honest, data-driven conversations. Ultimately, having access to the evaluation feedback in TeamGenius leads to greater opportunities for player development."
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John Sutherland
Edmonton Padres Baseball
"The concept of running evaluations from our phones is so unique. I'm an old pen and paper guy, and we found it very simple to use. At the end, we had great reports and rankings, and it just worked well for us. The ease of use was most impressive to me being an older guy."

Sal Lombardo
Orlando Scorpians Baseball

Baseball FAQ's

How does TeamGenius help with player development?

Evaluate a player multiple times with TeamGenius and share a development report to communicate progress over time. TeamGenius will save your evaluation data and becomes more valuable when players are evaluated year over year!

Can I add walk-up players during tryout check-in?

You bet! Use our player check-in feature to add walk-up players, assign numbers, and group players however you would like.

Can coaches record baseball-specific measurements through the mobile app?

Absolutely! The mobile app can handle any quantitative measurements such as bat speed, exit velocity, time from home to 1st base, etc.

Can I draft my little league rosters in TeamGenius?

Not quite like a fantasy football draft, but coaches can easily select their team and create rosters from our scores and ranking dashboard.

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