Virtual Events

Virtual Events

OMHA Virtual Roadshow

Chris Knutson, CEO & co-founder of TeamGenius is joined by the OMHA Hockey Development staff to talk about player evaluations, player development, and more!

How to Efficiently Run a Modern Volleyball Tryout with the JVA

This webinar discusses how to evaluate 1000’s of athletes at tryouts and stay competitive by offering the top players every single year. Special considerations to stay compliant with COVID guidelines is also discussed. There is a long Q&A session covering a variety of info related to tryouts.

The Athlete Assessment Advantage with Cal North Soccer Association

Ruth from TeamGenius was joined by Cal North’s Kevin Crow (Technical Director) and Joyce Bordley (Programs Manager) to chat about how they are leveraging player evaluation software for ODP player evaluations and development.

Successful Spring Tryouts Despite COVID-19

Chris Knutson (CEO & Founder of TeamGenius) and Ruth Nicholson (Founder of GO!) chat about how to form teams in a time of great uncertainty.

7 Deadly Challenges of Youth Sports Clubs

  • 3 simple letters that will shorten your board meetings with better results.
  • A repeatable approach to parent conflict resolution.
  • How to improve the feedback loop between players, parents, coaches

The A.R.T. of a Great Hockey Tryout

Rolland Cyr (Kitchener Minor Hockey) and Brady Peterson (Chisago Lakes Youth Hockey) share how they are approaching hockey tryouts in 2020.

Solving the Player Evaluation Problem in Youth Sports

  • Identifying issues in the current state of player evaluations
  • Why providing feedback is important
  • How to enable your coaches to be more effective evaluators

How to earn Sponsorship and Registration Dollars through Player Evaluations

  • Different tactics to create more value for your players and parents
  • How to monetize player feedback with sponsors
  • Increasing off-season engagement with your players

How to Maximize Your Experience at a Sports Convention

  • Why you should attend a convention
  • Navigating the session schedule & what you will learn
  • How to be a hero at your organization when you get home

Community Roundtables

Roundtable Discussion - 6/25

  • Possible Second Wave Affecting Return to Play
  • Guidelines v.s Rules
  • Differences In Opening Across North America

Roundtable Discussion - 6/18

  • Competition Beginning
  • Safety Rules
  • How to Enforce New Guidelines

Roundtable Discussion - 6/11

  • How to Safely Open a Sports Facility
  • What to Change in your Waiver Language
  • Sanitization Guidelines

Roundtable Discussion - 5/28

  • Creative fundraising & sponsorship activities
  • An alternative approach to registration
  • Different consideration for a safe return to play

Roundtable Discussion - 5/22

  • Staying financially responsible
  • Communicating refunds with parents
  • Preparing to play sports post COVID-19

Roundtable Discussion - 5/15

  • What return to play looks like in different sports across the country
  • Potential staffing and procedural changes
  • Insurance & liability waiver implications
  • Risk management

Roundtable Discussion - 5/8

  • Liability waivers
  • Legal oversight
  • Communicating with your membership on a potential return to play
  • Guidelines on returning to play

Roundtable Discussion - 5/1

  • Facilities & Field Rentals
  • Hand sanitizer & sanitization stations for return to play
  • At-home training platforms & sessions
  • Return to play updates across North America
  • Helping 1099 contract coaches

Roundtable Discussion - 4/24

  • How to handle spring tryouts
  • Staying connected to players and parents
  • How cash flow is affecting organizations
  • Messaging for the refund or credit conversation
  • What it looks like when we get back to playing sports

Roundtable Discussion - 4/17

  • How to host a virtual board meeting or AGM
  • Refund or credit for the limited spring sports season
  • Educating parents about how registration money is used
  • Building social currency from MN PCA Executive Director Troy Pearson

Roundtable Discussion - 4/10

  • How to promote positivity through social media channels
  • Remote Training – What happens when sports start up again
  • The PPP Program for youth sports organizations
  • How to deal with tournaments affected by COVID-19

Roundtable Discussion - 4/3

Chris Knutson (TeamGenius co-founder) & the TeamGenius Customer Success team dove into a deep discussion with leaders in youth sports.

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