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No more messy paper forms & complicated spreadsheets. TeamGenius helps you make fast, accurate decisions after each skate.

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Just like a clipboard, but on a mobile phone or tablet. Coaches can easily score players from the stands or on the ice during hockey tryouts.

Try it out by downloading our mobile app or launching browser scoring. Use access key HOCKEY to get started.

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Hockey Association success stories that will make you smile

Skyland Kings Hockey Cut Administrative Effort by 50% During Tryouts

Buffalo Youth Hockey Board Members Save 40+ Hours at Tryouts

Easily Add Registered Players to TeamGenius

Get set up for hockey tryouts in minutes by pulling in registered players from one of our integration partners or upload a CSV file. Then, easily sync your teams after tryouts.

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"TeamGenius has reduced administrative processes and provided a consistent platform for ALL players to be evaluated on, therefore integrity to our process. We are looking forward to our continued relationship with the TeamGenius team as they provide timely support, share new offerings, and listen to the needs of their customers"
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Bill Short
Dartmouth Whalers Minor Hockey Association
"We launched TeamGenius this weekend and the early feedback was a complete he SHOOTS he SCORES! - it has been beyond received positively - if we can ever help get this into other groups put us at the top of the list to sing your praises."

Tom Garrity
Stillwater Youth Hockey Association
"TeamGenius cut my time in half, allowing us to focus on the evaluations instead of data entry and calculations. The software allowed us to tell players and families sooner. Once I finalized teams, I sent out messages to each team right thru TeamGenius. It is definitely worth the investment, it's a great program."

Patrick Choules
Skylands Kings Hockey

TeamGenius for Hockey FAQ's

Does the mobile app require WiFi?

Nope. The mobile app is fully functional without an internet connection if your rink doesn’t have WiFi.

Does TeamGenius support the Hockey Canada Matrix?

Yes! Shuffle players from group to group after each skate on our Scores & Rankings dashboard.

What if I have a few coaches that don’t want to use a mobile device?

Although we highly encourage everyone to use the mobile app, you can print scoring forms for coaches that would like to evaluate on paper. Quickly enter in scores after each skate using the web-scoring tool.

Can I add walk-up players on the day of tryouts?

You bet! Use our player check-in feature to assign numbers, add walk-up players, and group players.

We hire an outside evaluator company, how does TeamGenius help?

Often associations will switch to using player evaluation software like TeamGenius to achieve the same goal of reducing bias at tryouts while saving 1000’s of dollars. Check out our pricing page to see how much your association would save.

How can we use TeamGenius beyond tryouts?

TeamGenius has a report card feature that many associations use for end-of-season feedback, 1-1 player/coach meetings and to track player development. Download a sample report card

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