10 Youth Sports Software Solutions That Will Solve Your Problems in 2021

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When getting your sports club ready for a new season you are likely focused on tryouts, hiring staff, scheduling training sessions and determining which skills athletes need to develop. But are you also looking at the technology your organization is using?

To get ahead of the competition, you need to go beyond the X’s and O’s. You need to also take advantage of new technology and invest in software products to give your club an edge – both on the field and in the office. 

Take a look at nine must-have software products for your club this season.

Club Management Software


Help make your club more organized this season with SportsEngine. The software solution includes features that let organizations share information, create rosters, organize events and communicate with each other and players. You can simplify your billing process through the software, using it to request, collect and track payments. It also lets you give access to players and their families, allowing them to register and make payments through the solution. 


The TeamSnap application helps sports clubs with registration, roster information, scheduling, website creation and invoicing. The solution assists organizations with registration by collecting member contact information online and through self-service forms. It allows clubs to easily track, view and edit athlete information and takes the frustration out of scheduling by generating schedules for games and practices in minutes. You can also save time on billing through payment tools that collect money and transfer it directly into your club’s accounts.


Manage your club with LeagueApps. This solution helps you manage your programs, invoices, and communications. It can create invoice reminders, take online payments, send registration notifications and make schedule changes. It strives to make managing rosters, communications and scheduling easier for clubs.

Jersey Watch

Jersey Watch is a sports website builder made for teams, clubs, and leagues. You don’t need any tech skills to build your website – the features are made for sports and are easy for volunteers to use. Jersey Watch has built-in registration features to help you set up registration and start collecting player payments in minutes. You can also use built in messaging tools to send text and email updates to your organization with important announcements like registration, game cancellations, and fundraiser updates.

Player Evaluation Software


Make player evaluations a breeze with the TeamGenius web and mobile app. The solution allows organizations to simplify their tryouts process by importing players and their information into the app prior to evaluations. This eases the check-in process on the day of tryouts. It also simplifies the evaluating process by having coaches enter scores – based on pre-set scoring criteria – directly into the mobile app.  Admins can access the solution to view player scores, comments and rankings in real-time to both identify errors and help speed up the roster formation process. TeamGenius also helps teams beyond tryouts with clubs doing mid and end-of-season evaluations to share feedback with players and parents. This is also a key component of a club’s player development initiatives to monitor athlete progress throughout the year. 

Athlete Recruiting Software


Help your organizations’ athletes get noticed with SportsRecruits. The solution lets players build a free profile that can be seen by recruiters. It also helps them find schools that could be a possible match for their interests and abilities and lets them connect with college coaches.

Video Software


The leader in video software, Hudl elevates sports teams’ performance with video and analytics. This video solution gives coaches playlists with the ability to add comments and drawings to provide athletes with personalized feedback. It also lets athletes create highlight reels and recruiting profiles with stats and action from games and matches.


Pixellot is a collection of AI-Automated products that help sports organizations, coaches, leagues, and teams better handle everything video related. Their solutions give coaches detailed game and player analysis to dive deep into evaluating and improving the performance of individuals and the team.

Fundraising Software

Snap! Raise

Make fundraising easy with Snap! Raise. This solution will help your club launch a fundraising web page that participants can easily access. This lets your organization track its progress through the web page, keep participants on target, and streamline contributions through the secure online platform. It also allows clubs to avoid the risks of sending players door-to-door asking for donations or selling items, and having athletes and their families handle money.

Pledge It

Fundraising for your youth or high school team is a breeze with Pledge It. They are a free sports fundraising platform that is empowering teams and athletes to raise money based on their performance. Start with making a custom fundraising page where you can choose your sport, target fundraising amount and more. Sharing the info is done through a mobile app, and the team’s performance will take care of the rest.

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