The Most Effective At-Home Individual Lacrosse Drills [Guest Post: Victorem Gear]

Lacrosse Drills

Lacrosse, a timeless game, originally known as stickball, is a high-energy sport. It is not for the weak. So, there is no time to slack off. A lacrosse player needs to do consistent and intentional training to stay in shape for each game. 

It is a team sport, and team practice is necessary to promote team coordination, cooperation, and taking responsibility to achieve a common goal. However, there are drills you can do on your own to improve your hand-eye coordination, footwork, and endurance.

How to get better at lacrosse by myself?

We have prepared some drills you can do alone to improve your lacrosse skills.  

1. Wallball drills

Wallball is the most common drill done by every lacrosse player. In off-seasons, a lacrosse player spends a lot of time on the wall. This type of training develops accuracy, stick skills, and hand-eye coordination. 

Look for a spot on the wall, hit the same spot several times. The objective is getting the ball out of your stick quickly, doing one cradle, then let the ball go. Repeat and practice with both hands.

 If you can’t find a wall in your neighborhood for regular practice, consider getting a lacrosse rebounder like the ones from

2. Shooting 

This practice is better done with cones and a net. If you don’t have any, don’t let it stop you from practicing. All you need is a bit of creativity to simulate a game-like scenario. Find some items you can use at your home or garage and head to your yard to practice.

Tape off your shooting area. Pretend that the cones or items you have on the floor are your opponents or defenders from the other team. If you don’t have a net or cage, use empty boxes. Practice each shot at full speed, as if you’re in the actual game, to develop your skills. 

Practice the shot you would normally take. Bring balls with you, so you don’t spend time running after missed shots and preparing the ball for the next shot. 

3. Defense

Practice your defense while doing wall ball drills by throwing high balls and catching them with your fully extended arms and your pole. And again, pretend there are opponents around you to simulate what you should during an actual game. As you train for the defense, include sprints and long runs to your regular practice routine. 

4. Cradling

Cradling or protecting the ball inside the pocket of your stick while moving fast is one of the essential skills to learn and improve in lacrosse. Practice cradling the ball vertically, on one hand, and close to your head. 

5. Scooping (Ground Balls)

Practice scooping the balls off the ground from different angles. Remember to: keep an eye on the ball and be ready to pick it up as soon as you see an opportunity.

6. Work on your stick skills

Practice with different ways to make your movements more efficient. You can switch hands behind your back. You can use a mirror to observe proper posture and correct bad habits. 

7. Play basketball and soccer

There’s a common denominator to playing lacrosse, basketball, and soccer. All three are high-intensity games requiring speed and endurance. It pushes the body to the limits. Engaging in basketball or soccer provides you with complementary training for improving your lacrosse skills. 

Bonus tip: Try yoga

Yoga is not your typical lacrosse drill, but there are many benefits to practicing yoga for both men and women. Yoga postures develop muscle strength and flexibility. The breathing exercises promote a healthy heart, and doing meditation helps calm the mind, improving focus and decision-making skills which are crucial in every game.

The benefit of continuous practice even when alone

Lacrosse is a physical sport, so you should always be in top condition. Training and improving never stops for a serious lacrosse player. While it is ideal to practice with your team, or with a partner, there are drills you can do alone to become an elite lacrosse player. It takes discipline to stick to rigorous training, especially when training alone.

If you keep at it, your effort will pay off, and you will see great improvement over time. No matter what experience lacrosse level you are as a lacrosse player, there are always opportunities to hone your skills. 

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