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Daily hockey workouts, skills and fitness sessions designed by former New Jersey Devils captain, Bryce Salvador. Earn points, win prizes and improve your game with an interactive virtual hockey academy.

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Daily Workouts

Come back every day for a brand new, age group specific workout designed to improve your skills.

Earn Points

Complete skills & fitness sessions, record shots, dangles and reps each day to earn TeamGenius points.

Training Library

On-demand access to over 200 video lessons featuring skating, shooting, passing, hockey IQ sessions, and more.

Win Prizes

Train regularly and be automatically entered into weekly prize drawings. Win gift cards, at-home hockey training equipment, and more.

Designed by Former NHL Captain Bryce Salvador

“I wanted to create a platform that shares the skills and abilities that helped me grow my game and put me in a position to play for 14 seasons with the New Jersey Devils. With over 100+ hockey-specific videos demonstrating drills and workouts that are critical to the development of any young hockey player, the TeamGenius Hockey Academy is designed to be fun and help athletes improve their game.”

Bryce Salvador

A Message to Minor Hockey Players from Bryce

What do you need?

As long as you have an area to practice, a stick, a puck (or ball) and something to shoot at, you are ready to get started.

Those time management skills you’ve learned at the rink help to create a daily and weekly practice plan to ensure you’re being the most effective in your reps. Try to find a consistent time in your day that will be dedicated to completing the drills

What's Included?

  • Welcome gift pack (estimated value of $40.00, shipping may be delayed)
  • Tutorial videos and tips on getting the most out of each drill
  • One year subscription for $120/year ($10.00 per month)
  • Use promo code OMHA99 for a discount when you sign up!

What's your favorite part of the OMHA Academy?

Griffin Skinner
Griffin SkinnerLeft Defenseman, Richmond Hill Stars
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"My favourite part so far is the variety of drills on the website. I like how I can do the workouts when I want- I like to do the provided workout in the morning to get a fresh and energized start to my day."
Brendon Gurd
Brendon GurdHockey Dad
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"Sam was super pumped to get this prize, he's working hard to decide how to spend his money 🙂 He also loves your app and doing his daily workouts through his second week."
Steve Rasenberg
Steve RasenbergHockey Dad
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“Speaking with Connor, his favorite part has been the variety. He really enjoys the workouts and working on different shots. He already had a very good wrist shot but now working on his back hand, slap and snap. Connor is in a routine that he likes to complete his work outs after school in the basement rink.. (yes, we have one). Personally, I also believe the reward of points has further enticed his interest (the at home learning has been tough on the kids, glad they are back in school). I also like the lessons are age appropriate and if a little complicated, I generally will review with him based on the information provided.”
KellyHockey Mom
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"Ashton loves getting up and doing the daily workouts before school. He likes that he can do them on his own and it doesn’t take a long time to complete them all. He is motivated by earning points to be on the weekly draw for prizes. He also enjoys motivating others to get involved through his social media account.

We would definitely recommend Hockey Academy to parents. In fact, we have been spreading the word to teammates and families in our community. It’s great skill development, it’s engaging for children as the skills are broken down, and the kids can work on them independently. Ashton is really enjoying the platform and it is a tool we use weekly.”
Ken Tilley
Ken TilleyHockey Dad
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The only thing that they ever groan about is the core workouts lol. They don't like hearing that they need to get stronger and it won't be so hard. They both like the shooting drills most. But really, they have enjoyed all of it. Im barely in the door and I'm getting asked what we are doing today for the hockey academy. Has been very good so far, for all three of us.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Log in to any browser and access all of the hockey training content right on your mobile device.

After you sign up for the academy, jump into the Daily Workout to get started. Most prizes are won through the weekly prize drawing. Athletes who complete multiple daily workouts are entered into the prize drawing.

Winners are contacted by our staff directly and receive a shout-out in the weekly email!

Due to COPPA regulations, after signing up, you’ll be asked to create a Guardian Account. After creating a guardian account, you can then create one or multiple minor account(s) for each of your minor hockey players. 

This is a commitment to yourself and improving your game. Of course you can cancel at anytime. Log in to your account and cancel your subscription under the My Profile settings.

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