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Where MINOR hockey players train

The OMHA Hockey Academy was designed by former New Jersey Devils captain Bryce Salvador to help minor hockey players train like the pros with curated daily workouts, skills and fitness sessions. Train, earn points and win prizes with an interactive virtual training platform.

omha hockey academy

Curated Daily Workouts

Come back every day for a brand new, age group specific workout designed to improve your skills on the ice.

Win Prizes

Log in and complete the daily workout for entry to into weekly and monthly prize drawings. Win gift cards, at-home hockey training equipment and more.

Earn Points

Complete skills & fitness sessions, record shots, dangles and reps each day to earn TeamGenius points.

Train Like a Pro

Workout and skill videos shot by former NHL captain Bryce Salvador, you'll be improving skills that are guaranteed to take your game to the next level.

Designed by Former NHL Captain Bryce Salvador

“I wanted to create a platform that shares the skills and abilities that helped me grow my game and put me in a position to play for 14 seasons with the New Jersey Devils. With over 100+ hockey-specific videos demonstrating drills and workouts that are critical to the development of any young hockey player, the TeamGenius Hockey Academy is designed to be fun and help athletes improve their game.”

How does it work?

New daily workouts for each age group, athletes can log in and expect a new workout curated by hockey professionals.

Work on a variety of hockey-specific exercises, shooting, stickhandling, and passing drills, all designed to be completed with minimal equipment and from the comfort of your home.

What do you need?

As long as you have an area to practice, a stick, a puck (or ball) and something to shoot at, you are ready to get started.

Those time management skills you’ve learned at the rink help to create a daily and weekly practice plan to ensure you’re being the most effective in your reps. Try to find a consistent time in your day that will be dedicated to completing the drills

What's Included?

  • Welcome gift pack (estimated value of $40.00, shipping may be delayed)
  • Exclusive access to online tracking portal to keep track of your reps
  • Tutorial videos and tips on getting the most out of each drill
  • Entrance to win weekly prize draws
  • One year subscription for $120/year ($10.00 per month)
  • Use promo code OMHA99 for a discount when you sign up!

What's your favorite part of the OMHA Academy?

Steve Rasenberg
Steve RasenbergHockey Dad
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"In speaking with Connor, his favorite part has been the variety. He really enjoys the workouts and working on different shots. He already had a very good wrist shot but now working on his back hand, slap and snap. He noted taking a hundred shots can be repetitive but adding the before work outs and working on different shots each day is more engaging for himself. Connor is in a routine that he likes to complete his work outs after school in the basement rink.. (yes, we have one). And hits the outdoor rink after supper. Personally, I also believe the reward of points has further enticed his interest (the at home learning has been tough on the kids, glad they are back in school). I also like the lessons are age appropriate and if a little complicated, I generally will review with him based on the information provided."
Griffin Skinner
Griffin SkinnerLeft Defenseman, Richmond Hill Stars
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"My favourite part so far is the variety of drills on the website. I like how I can do the workouts when I want- I like to do the provided workout in the morning to get a fresh and energized start to my day."

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