Getting Your Coaches Excited About TeamGenius

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The decision to use player evaluation software often comes from a youth sports club’s board or director of coaching. While the ease-of-use and benefits are clear to team administrators, learning and using the application might initially feel like another to-do item for coaches.

Fortunately for coaches, the benefits of using player evaluation software are well worth the short time investment to first learn the application. In fact, TeamGenius’ solution will actually save coaches time during tryouts and throughout the season.

Find out how you can get your club’s coaches excited about using TeamGenius’ player evaluation software.

Getting coaches excited about TeamGenius

Real-time Updates During Tryouts

At tryouts, coaches can benefit from quickly getting access to tryout groups and player information. Without TeamGenius’ solution, coaches may have to wait to get updated lists of which players are present and which athletes are in each group.

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This was the case for Utah Avalanche and AFC Apex before they started using TeamGenius.

According to Paul Skolmoski, Director of Marketing and Technology at Utah Avalanche and AFC Apex, the registration process previously required athletes to check in before they were assigned a group. This manual process was time-consuming. Coaches didn’t get a list of athletes for each group until about 30 minutes into the tryout sessions, leaving them with very little time to identify players and conduct evaluations.

Using TeamGenius, all administrators at Utah Avalanche and AFC Apex had real-time access to the registration and player information so coaches didn’t have to wait for lists to be compiled and distributed correctly.

Coaches can also benefit from TeamGenius’ instant player scores and rankings. This real-time access can help coaches determine which players to observe more closely during tryouts.

Faster Roster Formation

Using TeamGenius’ application allows coaches the benefit of a faster roster formation process. Instead of spending hours after tryouts determining player rankings and roster placements, coaches and directors can look at player results instantly in the TeamGenius application. This removes the need to manually calculate scores and rank players. Cutting out those steps creates a faster process and allows coaches to feel more confident that player rankings and rosters are accurate.

Player Evaluation Software Scores and Rankings

Easy player evaluations

The TeamGenius solution also provides benefits to coaches beyond tryouts. The application has evaluation tools to assist coaches with conducting player evaluations. The TeamGenius software allows coaches and directors to streamline the player and coach evaluation process by entering and saving evaluation inside the software. This ensures the same criteria is used when evaluating coaches and athletes. [Here are some tips on setting that criteria.]

This also lets coaches easily complete player evaluations in the app. Instead of filling out paper evaluations for each athlete, coaches can quickly complete all feedback in the tool. This saves coaches time. It also ensures their comments can be clearly read by directors and players, as the tool removes the need to decipher handwriting.

Quick Communication Tools

TeamGenius offers the added benefit of quick and easy communication between coaches and players. Instead of sending multiple emails, coaches can use the application to quickly send team communication to players and their parents through the tool.

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This allows the coach to relay results faster and more effectively. Athletes no longer have to wait for hours or days following tryouts to learn how they performed or what their roster placement is. By letting TeamGenius do the heavy-lifting in sending out results to each player, coaches now have more time to help athletes understand their roster placement and how they can improve.

Data to Show Parents

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of TeamGenius to coaches is the ability to use TeamGenius to help address parent and player issues. Coaches are on the frontline for dealing with upset parents after tryouts and throughout the season. The TeamGenius app arms them with real data to back up club decisions. If parents are upset with roster selections, coaches can pull up an athlete’s scores and show parents how the player ranked overall. If parents have questions throughout the season about playing time, or other issues, coaches can use TeamGenius to look at in-season evaluations to show an athlete’s progression throughout the year. Here are some helpful tips for communicating tryout results with parents.

This has been helpful for the Utah Avalanche and AFC Apex clubs. The soccer teams can answer parent questions with data from TeamGenius. Directors and coaches can show if there was a drop-off in player performance through evaluations and provide the information to families.

Access to TeamGenius Experts

Using the TeamGenius application gives coaches access to our team of experts. The small, passionate squad at TeamGenius is here to answer questions and provide support to our clients. We want to make it easier for coaches during the season. We’ve been there, and we get it, as our staff has spent time coaching and running sports clubs. We are here to help coaches and clubs succeed and have the experience and expertise to do it. We don’t send clients to overseas call centers – we answer the phones ourselves.

“My main contact at TeamGenius is phenomenal,” said Scott Urquhart, VP Competitive at Bedford Minor Hockey Association (BDMHA) in Nova Scotia. He added that if he has a question, “within 20 minutes (my contact) sends a video explanation.”

This allows TeamGenius to walk clients through the platform and troubleshoot questions and problems, no matter where they are located.

We stand by our commitment to helping coaches and youth sports organizations succeed with our player evaluation application. Contact us at any time.

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