15 Fundraising Ideas for Youth Sports Clubs

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When youth sports teams compare their needs for the season to what’s available in the budget, often there is a lack of funds. To raise the extra money, some teams might opt to participate in fundraisers.

Fundraising can be a great option for squads. It can help teams raise money for needed equipment, technology, or activities, and it can help keep registration costs down for athletes.

There are numerous options for youth sports clubs to raise money. Take a look below at 15 fundraising ideas for youth sports clubs.

1. Car Wash

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An easy event to hold is a car wash. Kids are able to perform almost all tasks (with adult supervision), and teams just need to secure a parking lot that has access to running water and a hose hook-up. Teams will need cleaning supplies like car-safe soap, towels, rags, sponges, and buckets.

Fundraising Ideas

2. Pancake Breakfast

Pancakes are cheap, quick, and easy to make. Because of this, a lot of schools and teams hold pancake breakfasts as fundraisers. For this event, teams should first secure a place to hold the breakfast, as a kitchen and dining area with seating are required. Teams also need enough adult volunteers to cook the pancakes. For supplies, teams should try to get the pancake mix and eggs donated.

3. Spaghetti Dinner

Spaghetti is also cheap and easy to prepare. Teams will need a similar facility as the pancake breakfast – a kitchen with a stove and a dining area for customers. Local restaurants might also be willing to partner with clubs to host the event. If a local Italian eatery isn’t able to host, they might be willing to donate pasta or sauce or provide them at a lower price.

4. Endurance Events

Teams can raise money through pledges for their participation in an endurance activity. Some schools hold runs where kids get pledged per mile. Other ideas could be jump roping, shoot-a-thons for shots made for basketball or goals scored for hockey shots, a home-run derby for baseball and softball teams, a serve-a-thon for volleyball teams, and other drills.

Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas

5. Plant, Flower Sales

Another fundraising idea for your youth sports sport is to contact local nurseries or garden centers. See what they offer for fundraising opportunities or donations. These can include seasonal plants (like Poinsettias around the holidays) or spring flowers. Some centers might even offer gift cards players can sell to help raise money.

6. Gift Card/Discount Card Sales to Local Restaurants

Some local businesses offer coupon books teams can sell. These allow buyers to receive special discounts at their local restaurants. These fundraisers are typically organized through local companies and organizations.

7. Bag Groceries

A great fundraising opportunity for youth sports athletes is bagging or carrying out groceries at local stores. Some grocery stores allow teams to bag and carry out groceries for donations. Adults are needed to supervise otherwise kids can perform most of the tasks themselves. The only supplies needed are a tip jar or box and a table to put it on.

8. Candy or Food Sales

Food and candy companies often provide fundraising options. These can include candy bars, frozen cookie dough, soups, cheese, and meat trays, and other food items. Depending on the time of year, some companies also sell holiday treats and necessities, like wrapping paper.

9. Food Stand

Teams with the ability to set up a concession stand during home games or local tournaments can raise money through food and snack sales. Adults will be needed to prepare any foods (like hot dogs) and to supervise, but kids can take orders and keep the stand stocked. This is most successful if done throughout a season or for an extended period of time instead of during just one game. Teams should organize a sign-up sheet and determine who will get the items to sell. Local grocery stores or food clubs might be willing to donate items or sell at a discount.

10. Raffle

Teams able to secure a large donation can run a raffle to raise money. Once the prize item is secured, the rest of the supplies are minimal – tickets for kids to sell and a box or bowl to put the claimed tickets in for the drawing.

11. Silent Auction

For teams who have access to numerous donated items, a silent auction can be profitable. Teams can create a website to showcase the items and take online bids, or they can hold an event for people to attend in person and place bids. Holding a silent auction in conjunction with a spaghetti dinner or pancake breakfast is a way to join two fundraising opportunities into one event. If teams are lacking donations, they can create large gift baskets to add to the auction. Families can volunteer to bring in items or to put together a basket.

12. Garage Sale

An activity the entire youth sports club can help with – and benefit from – is a garage sale. These allow families to clear out the clutter from their homes and provide easy opportunities for both kids and adults to help. Clubs need to determine where to hold the sale — whether it’s at a facility or someone’s home — and need time to collect and sort through donations. Kids can help sort, organize, and stock tables.

13. Connect with Local Pro Teams, Stadiums

Some local professional teams and stadiums offer fundraising opportunities for youth sports clubs. Teams can look into their local fundraising options and see if there is an opportunity for their club. For example, some stadiums allow teams to work at concession stands during home games to earn money for their youth team.

Ideas to fundraise for youth sports clubs

14. Community Run/Walk

Another popular fundraising idea for youth sports teams is hosting a  run/walk. Teams can organize a 5K in their area to involve the entire community. A fun theme can increase participation, and teams can try to get a prize for the winner donated from a local business.

15. Restaurant Night

Certain restaurant chains provide fundraising opportunities for local sports teams and schools. A popular option several restaurants offer is donating a percentage of all sales on a designated night to a local team. Each restaurant has its own criteria, but most require patrons to simply state they are there on behalf of the team, and then a portion of that sale will be donated to the team. These are easy for teams in that after contacting the restaurant and setting up a date, the only things left to do are advertise the event and dine at the establishment.

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