How to Convince Your Board to Invest in TeamGenius Player Evaluation Software

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TeamGenius athlete evaluation software has the ability to improve youth sports clubs’ tryouts processes, team and coach evaluations, camps, and clinics. The benefits of the investment in the solution can be felt by club directors, coaches, players, and parents.

Some organizations first need to get approval from their board of directors before committing to using the tryouts app. Get tips below on how to convince your club’s board to invest in TeamGenius player evaluation software.

Reduce Manual Labor and Volunteer Hours

Adding TeamGenius can actually save teams money in labor costs.

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Whether it’s saving paid staff members’ hours or reducing the amount of time needed from volunteers, TeamGenius can lessen the amount of staff members needed to run administrative tasks at tryouts.

TeamGenius allows teams to prep for tryouts and registration ahead of time. The tool lets clubs enter player registration information before evaluations, saving athlete data in the software prior to tryouts. This saves time during player check-ins as staff members just need to pull up players in the application and mark them present. Simplifying this process requires fewer people to work the registration tables. It also allows players to move through check-in quickly, keeping tryouts on schedule and lessening frustrations. Read how else TeamGenius can save you and your coaches time.

Some organizations even hire outside photographers to capture player profile images. With the TeamGenius mobile app, player profile pictures can be captured right from a phone or tablet during check-in.

Utah Avalanche and AFC Apex soccer clubs have benefited from this simple check-in process. Prior to using the application, Paul Skolmoski, Director of Marketing and Technology at Utah Avalanche and AFC Apex, said the registration process was “chaos” as athletes from multiple groups arrived for tryouts.

Using TeamGenius, the clubs could enter each registered player into the platform before tryouts. The check-in process was then reduced to a few clicks in the app.

Save Time

“It saved staff countless hours at check-in,” Skolmoski said.

TeamGenius’ application also allows clubs to save time calculating tryouts results and forming rosters. The software automatically tallies players’ scores and makes rankings available in real-time. This removes the need for staff to manually add scores. Having the athletes’ grades and rankings instantly available in the application reduces the amount of time spent forming rosters.

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“It probably cut my time in half,” Patrick Choules, the director of hockey programming at Skylands Ice World, said about forming rosters using TeamGenius.

Choules said previously, his club would spend about two-and-a-half hours after tryouts forming teams. Using TeamGenius, Choules said the discussion was trimmed to about an hour, which allowed the team to notify players sooner.

Choules said previously, his club would spend about two-and-a-half hours after tryouts forming teams. Using TeamGenius, Choules said the discussion was trimmed to about an hour, which allowed the team to notify players sooner.

Looking for the financial benefits of using TeamGenius? Click here for information on the ROI of player evaluation software.

Improve Accuracy of Tryouts, Rosters

All youth sports clubs want to ensure players are evaluated correctly and rosters are made up of the right athletes. Board members can be confident that TeamGenius gives teams the best opportunity to ensure player scores are accurate. The software automatically calculates the scores, removing the risk of human error or a miscalculation.

“It reduces human errors,” said Scott Urquhart, VP Competitive at Bedford Minor Hockey Association (BDMHA). “There were no typos or corrections (with TeamGenius).”

By using the scores and rankings from TeamGenius, organizations can be assured the right players are placed on rosters as teams aren’t reliant on staff members manually ranking players on spreadsheets. This increased accuracy will help ensure the organization has a reputation for placing the right athletes on teams.

Increase Transparency and Remove Biases

The tryouts app includes tools to help prevent biases and improve transparency between the team and its players.

To help curb biases in the evaluation process, the TeamGenius solution allows clubs to take precautions during tryouts, like listing players in the app by their assigned tryouts number and not their name. This prevents evaluators from knowing each athlete’s name as they are scoring them, removing the risk to alter a player’s grade based on who they are.

The TeamGenius solution also helps clubs increase transparency between the team and its athletes through the ability to send player tryouts results immediately after evaluations. By sending athletes their scores and rankings, players and their parents know they are seeing the same information coaches and directors are using when forming teams. This helps families feel confident the roster formation process is fair.

More Feedback and Communication

TeamGenius also allows coaches to easily conduct player evaluations throughout the season, giving athletes more feedback throughout the year to help them improve and track their progress. This lets players know what skills to work on and helps parents better understand their child’s playing time and roster spot. Click here to read about the other ways TeamGenius benefits coaches.

TeamGenius benefits for investors

TeamGenius also includes tools for teams to easily send player communications. This allows parents to hear from clubs more frequently and more quickly, which will help families stay up-to-date with team news and events.

Enhance Club’s Perception with Parents, Community

Boards want to ensure their organization is respected by parents and others in the community. TeamGenius can help boards of directors increase their club’s reputation by showing the organization was willing to invest in a tool that will help enhance the accuracy and fairness of tryouts, while also improving communication and feedback for athletes throughout the year.

When families have multiple options for which organizations to join, teams who invest in a tool to make sure athletes are being scored fairly at tryouts — and also provide instant and transparent results — will help set themselves apart.

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