10 Fundraising Ideas for Kids [Guest Post: YouHelp]

Fundraising Ideas

Raising money for a child’s team, troupe, hobby or school can seem like a daunting task at first thought. Here at YouHelp, we try to present Moms and Dads with a much more positive perspective on fundraising. Fundraisers can also enrich the community, teach children extremely valuable lessons and most importantly lead to having fun!

Experience is something that can’t be taught. What better way to give a young person their first taste of the real world than a mission to raise money for something they desire.

To help spark your creative thinking we put together this quick list of fundraising ideas.

Little League Sports Team

Please Note: No matter what fundraising efforts you take on, crowdfunding works great as an additional source of funding. A YouHelp crowdfunding campaign gives you the ability to reach people outside of your area or anyone unable to attend a scheduled event. Click here to start fundraising now.

  1. Shoe Collection: Not your typical fundraiser. Funds2Org.com brings you the ability to clean out your closest and raise money for your cause! As advertised on their site: rally the troupes, gather gently worn, used and new shoes, arrange for pick up and then collect your funds. Reach out to our friends at Funds2Org.com for more information on this unique program.
  2. Custom Shirts: Shirts are a great way to advertise a message, give the appearance that you are an organized team and now, with Bonfire.com, raise money for your cause! Investing in shirts can seem like an expensive investment but with Bonfire everything is processed using drop shipping or in other words, the purchaser pays for the product (your custom shirt) and Bonfire ships it to the customer. Visit Bonfire.com today and set up your free online store.
  3. Sell Candy or Other Creative Items: We would never recommend purchasing your own items to resell at a higher cost, but we do recommend visiting Fundraising.com to see the great selection of fundraising items they have to offer. We also suggest downloading their “2020 Fundraising Guide” to see all the available items and tips they offer. Fundraising.com is your one-stop-shop for candy, popcorn, apparel, and other items to help you reach your fundraising goal.
  4. Crowdfunding Campaign: Fast, Easy & Free, creating a crowdfunding campaign with YouHelp.com allows you to start raising money for your child’s cause immediately. YouHelp campaigns come with several free features including live support, fundraising tips and provides a way for you and your team to reach anyone willing to donate outside of the area. Quick Tip: Make sure you tell your heartfelt story and then share your campaign’s URL via social media, email, and text messaging. Sending personal private messages is a great way to ensure a contribution.
  5. Company Sponsorships: Company sponsorships work great for both parties involved. The local business or corporate sponsor receives positive exposure and your organization receives the financial support it needs to maintain the activity. TeamGenius.com offers a sponsor packet template to support you in your request for sponsorship consideration.
  6. Host a FUN Event: Fundraising efforts are a fantastic excuse to plan a fun event. Community events are a great way to create connections, teach children what it means to budget, plan, organize and market a product as well as what it feels like to reap the benefits of following through on a job well done. Allow you and your team’s imagination to run wild when deciding which event, you would like to produce. Here are a few ideas to kick off your brainstorm event idealist: Bake Sale, Yard Sale, Talent Show, Concert, Variety Show, Holiday Dance, Potluck Dinner, BBQ, Silent Auction, Game Night, Tournament, Walk- A Thon.
  7. Restaurant Discount Cards: All the new rage, discount cards are a big win for all parties involved. Not only are funds being raised for the team, but stores or restaurants also increase business, and the donor receives the benefits of discounts at their favorite locations. Try visiting EasyFundraisingCards.com They seem to be a great option to answer all of your fundraising discount card questions.
  8. Car Wash: This old fashion method will never go out of style. Hosting a community car wash is a great way to raise money, work on team-building skills, connect with your community and most importantly have some fun! Quick Tip: A car wash might not be the breadwinner everyone may hope it will so make sure expectations aren’t set too high. Also, before investing in a ton of supplies ask the team member families to check for already purchased supplies.
  9. Fundraise with Tea or Coffee: Last but not least, Fundraising with Tea or Coffee would be another one of your nonconventional fundraising ideas. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cup of warm or perhaps iced tea or coffee while watching the big game or performance! Stop by EasyFundraiserIdeas.com to find out more information.
  10. Selling Flowers: Last but not least we present to you the idea of going into the flower fundraising business with AlsFlorist.com. This eco-friendly fundraiser is perfect for teaching your child about sales techniques, profit margins and making choices that support the conservation of our earth. Al’s Florist and Gifts also accepts one-time donation requests for charitable events.
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