Athlete Development History Report

One of our most anticipated features, player development and history reports, are now live!

Now, youth sports organizations can pull together all assessment history for a player into one development report, showing changes in physical attributes like height and weight, as well as growth in skills throughout the season or from year to year.

40-yard dash time improving? How about skating, dribbling or passing skills? The player development report shows athlete evaluation history by player and criteria, over whichever assessments and time period you choose.

What can you do with the player development report?

  • Track skill growth and identify trends to have more meaningful development conversations with your players.
  • Share encouraging feedback as your players develop their skills – show them how their hard work is paying off!
  • Equip your coaches with player development reports at the beginning of the season. They’ll be able to get up to speed on the strengths and opportunity areas of their players quickly, and see exactly which skills they need to focus on.

Current TeamGenius customers: Access our detailed help article for more on how to use the player development report.

New to TeamGenius? Get started with a free trial to begin tracking player development, sharing player feedback, and streamlining tryouts, camps and in-season evaluations.

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