TeamSnap and TeamGenius Partner to Deliver Industry Leading Athlete Evaluation Tools

Boulder, CO and Minneapolis, MN (June 12, 2019) – TeamSnap, the household name in integrated sports management, announced today it has partnered with TeamGenius, the leading athlete evaluation app for tryouts, feedback and player development. With the new partnership, TeamSnap … Read More

Creating a Youth Sports Organizational Structure

Creating a Youth Sports Organizational Structure that Works

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” – Vince Lombardi While every team might have a slightly different organizational structure based on resources and priorities, each should follow the basic hierarchy of establishing a Board of … Read More

tech for digital player evaluations

Recommended Devices and Internet Access Solutions for Digital Evaluations

Transitioning from manual player evaluations to digital can come with a lot of questions. Perhaps one of the largest is what technology you need for digital player evaluation apps. Evaluating players manually typically only requires a pen and paper. But … Read More

Running Digital Player Evaluations

Three Steps to Running Digital Player Evaluations

Like almost everything these days, youth sports tryouts are going digital. Gone are the days of paper forms and pencils. Now, evaluations can be done on scorers’ mobile devices with player evaluation software. This solution provides instant results so team … Read More

Athlete Development History Report

New Player Development Report is Live!

One of our most anticipated features, player development and history reports, are now live! Now, youth sports organizations can pull together all assessment history for a player into one development report, showing changes in physical attributes like height and weight, … Read More

what to bring to tryouts

TeamGenius’ Sideline Favorites: 10 Things You Need to Bring to Survive Youth Sports Tryouts

When youth sports clubs list the equipment required for tryouts, they are usually referring to the items players need to bring. While it’s important for athletes to bring the necessary equipment, uniforms, and other necessities, it’s just as important for … Read More

TeamGenius and Ontario Soccer Enter into Agreement to Streamline Match Official Evaluations and Mentorship

Minneapolis, MN (April 17, 2019) – TeamGenius and Ontario Soccer have entered into an agreement to streamline evaluations and feedback for 9,500 Match Officials as part of Ontario Soccer’s new Long Term Officials Development (LTOD) program. Ontario Soccer is one … Read More

Parents and Players Love TeamGenius player evaluation software

Why Parents (and Players) Love Player Evaluation Software

For most athletes – and their parents – youth sports tryouts can be a stressful experience. First, there is the pressure to perform well and make the team. Then there is the added anxiety of dealing with long lines at … Read More

TeamGenius Athlete Evaluation Partner Program

Introducing the TeamGenius Athlete Evaluation Partner Program

TeamGenius is thrilled to announce the launch of our new project, the TeamGenius Athlete Evaluation Partner program. This program recognizes our youth sports organization partners who have taken the steps forward to grow their businesses and improve the youth sports … Read More

How to Determine if Evaluation Software is Right for your Organization

How to Determine if Evaluation Software is Right for your Organization

For decades, running youth sports tryouts involved evaluators standing on sidelines with paper and pencils, scribbling in grades for each player on scoresheets. This got the job done. But now the evaluation game is changing – for the better. As … Read More